Safety News You Can Use – Chemical Spill Safety

It is important for al employees to be familiar with the types of chemicals used in the plant. The Hazard Communication Program (Right to Know) provides all employees with information on the types of chemicals & the hazards of each. If a spill occurs, a determination must be made as to whether it is a non-emergency spill or an emergency spill.
A non-emergency spill is one that can be controlled or cleaned up safely in the local area without risk to the individuals doing the clean up. In these situations, the following steps are to be taken:

Use rags, sand, floor dry, dirt, etc. to contain the spill or release
Use available containers to catch small leaks if possible
Divert the flow away form any drains, catch basins, or manholes by using the above listed materials
For flammable material, eliminate all potential ignition sources immediately
After the spill has been cleaned up, place absorbent materials & leaking material in a safety container or drum
The local office of the EPA is to be notified to determine the proper method of disposal
In cases of large spills, ones that cannot be isolated quickly, or an emergency spill resulting in the release of a known hazardous chemical or substance, all employees are to clear the area immediately.
The local Haz Mat Team is to be called and advised of the situation. No employee is to enter the area for any reason once the area has been evacuated.
The area is to be roped or cordoned off. If necessary, all employees are to be evacuated from the plant and taken to an appropriate distance from the plant. Once the Haz Mat Team arrives, they are to take control of the situation.

The following information is to be supplied to the Haz Mat Team:
§ The name and/or a description of the chemical of substance.
§ The chemical name and common name.
§ The chemical identification number.
§ Location of the spill.
§ Other chemicals in the area.A
§ pproximation of the quantity spilled or released if possible.
§ Any additional information which may be helpful.

Only after the Haz Mat Team has declared the area safe, will employees be allowed to return to the plant.







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